They arrived at the Valley of Eshcol and cut from there a vine with one cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a pole, by two, and of the pomegranates and of the figs (Num.13:23) 

The first thing that comes to mind anytime I read this Parsha it the GIANT FRUIT. I just can’t imagine how amazing that was. I knew my dessert had to GIANT FRUIT themed. So grape cupcakes it is! I was easy on myself this week and decided to get the box cake mix (Duncan Hines Devil Food cake) and the ever so wonderful parve Duncan Hines whipped frosting. My sister correctly raves about the merits of homemade frosting. But sometimes it is just so fabulous when it is already done for you. 

 I used the white frosting and mixed it with some purple food dye. After I frosted the cupcakes I dipped them is sugar to get a gorgeous frosted look. Yum! Recipe follows:


1 box Duncan Hines Devil Food cake mix

1 container Duncan Hines white whipped frosting

purple food dye

sugar for dipping frosted cupcake tops


Bake cupcakes according to box instructions. Cool completely. mix food dye with frosting to create desired color. Dip frosted cupcake tops into sugar. Yields 24 cupcakes.