A man shall not take the wife of his father…” (Devarim 23:1)

Well here it is, my first big failed dessert on Parsha Desserts. I couldn’t even serve it. My husband who will practically eat rotten leftovers said it was too bad to serve. So the idea was to do Mexican Wedding cookies because this parsha talks a lot about marriages. Marriage to captives, marriage issues that come up when you have two wives, whom you can or cannot marry, etc. Cute idea right? The first thing I did wrong on this recipe was instead of lightly toasting the almonds I gave them more of a bronzing. Good for people, not for nuts. Then the cookies, besides having a terrible burnt almond taste, were the wrong texture. The upside…they look pretty enough. Okay maybe next year I can try again. If you have an amazing Mexican wedding cookie recipe I would love you to leave it in the comments.